Years 1 & 2

Years 1 & 2

Independent School Surrey

In Years 1 and 2, our curriculum is designed to engage and inspire your child to a love of learning and to achieve fantastic results.

We also focus on preparing your child for sitting entrance tests and attaining scholarships to the future schools of your choice in Year 3. As a specialist in pre-preparatory education, we are experts at getting the best out of your child and will ensure they reach their full potential.

For a full list of schools that Glenesk pupils have recently progressed to, please visit our Leavers’ Destination Schools page.

Year 1

At the end of Year 1 we will have a clear understanding of your child’s individual talents and strengths and will be able to advise you on the best options for your child’s next steps on their educational journey. Our Headmistress, Mrs Bradley has strong links with all the top local preparatory schools and her insight can often prove invaluable to parents who are keen to make the right choice for their child.

Year 2

Year 2 is seen as a bridge between Glenesk and your child’s future school. A more independent approach is encouraged here with emphasis on personal organisation and preparation. In fact, theSchool Inspection Service report last year highlighted that our promotion of independent learning was “a considerable strength.”

Children in Year 2  are also given posts of responsibility becoming House Captains, Librarians, Music Monitors, Eco-Monitors and Lunch Helpers. There is an Enterprise Week when Year 2 pupils are asked to write a business plan and given a budget to raise funds for a charitable cause, thus encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit and skills.

Homework is routinely set throughout Years 1 and 2 and you will receive written reports twice a year and have the opportunity to discuss your child’s work with their Form Teacher at parents’ evenings or at individual appointments, if required.

Learning Requirements & Support

Glenesk is sympathetic to children with learning difficulties and has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator who is responsible for ensuring that all children receive extra support should it be deemed necessary. This support is either given individually or within the classroom in small groups.

Special needs provision is planned, monitored and reviewed by the Special Needs Co-ordinator, who reports to the Headmistress and the Senior Leadership Team. The SENCO and support staff work closely with class teachers through meetings and written communication about pupils as part of the school’s assessment procedures, to ensure that learning is differentiated according to the needs of the pupil. The class or form teacher and the SENCO will discuss provision to ensure that the pupil’s access to the wider curriculum is not unduly affected by additional support provision.

At Glenesk we also cater for able and gifted children and ensure they receive challenging and stimulating experiences according to their individual needs.

“Glenesk has been and continues to be an outstanding pre-prep school. Academic, yet nurturing, our son was well prepared for his prep school tests and he will move on to the next stage as a confident and independent young boy.“

Year 2 Parent

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