School Policy Documents

Our policies ensure our school runs efficiently and effectively, so we can work together to do the best for those in our care.

Glenesk’s School Policies aim to provide staff, pupils, parents and guardians with clear information about the organisation and ethos of the School. These policies enable us to work together to do the best for those in our care.

Please click on the links below to see our policies. Hard copies are available to view in the School Office.

In line with our Complaints Policy, Glenesk has reported no formal complaints since May 2009. A copy of our complaint form can be found here

School Policies

Admissions Policy 2016View/Download
Anti-bullying Policy 2016View/Download
Assessment Policy (including marking and reporting arrangements) 2017View/Download
Behaviour Policy 2016View/Download
Complaints Procedure 2016View/Download
Curriculum Policy 2017View/Download
Data Protection Policy 2017View/Download
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy January 2017View/Download
English as an Additional Language Policy 2017View/Download
Equality & Diversity Policy 2016View/Download
Exclusion Policy 2016View/Download
Gifted, Talented and more able pupils Policy 2017View/Download
Glenesk Online Safety 2016View/Download
Health & Safety Policy 2016View/Download
PSHE Policy 2016View/Download
Safeguarding: Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy 2016View/Download
Safeguarding: Drug and Alcohol Policy 2017View/Download
Safeguarding: Educational Visits Policy 2016View/Download
Safeguarding: Lost or Missing Children Policy 2016View/Download
Safeguarding: Photographic Images and Filming Policy 2016View/Download
Safeguarding: Pupil Supervision Policy 2016View/Download
Safeguarding: Preventing Radicalisation Policy 2016View/Download
Safeguarding: Risk Assessment, Welfare Health and Safety of Pupils 2016View/Download
Safeguarding: Use of mobile devices 2016View/Download
Safeguarding Policy including Child Protection Procedures and Allegations against Adults 2016View/Download
SEN Policy 2017View/Download
SMSC Policy 2017 (including British Values)View/Download
Teaching and Learning Policy 2017View/Download