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Sport & Competition

Our students enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle

At Glenesk, we believe that sport and recreational play is crucial to every child’s development and their wellbeing. Not only does participating in sport have the obvious physical and mental health benefits for your child, but it also encourages the acquisition of life skills such as learning to be part of a team, leadership, good sportsmanship and graciously accepting win or defeat.

Emphasis is placed on participation, where pupils have every opportunity to learn new skills and develop their talents.


Pupils have the opportunity to experience a wide array of physical pursuits

At Glenesk School, the Physical Education curriculum is designed to foster the holistic development of every pupil, promoting their physical fitness, social skills, and overall wellbeing. The school recognises the importance of physical activity and aims to provide a diverse range of activities to engage and challenge students of all abilities.

The PE curriculum at Glenesk School is comprehensive and well-rounded, encompassing various sports, games, and fitness activities. It offers a balanced mix of individual and team sports, allowing pupils to explore their personal interests and develop crucial teamwork and leadership skills. Our Year 1 & 2 children regularly attend sporting events and competitions, both at other local schools and hosted by us.

We feel that Glenesk provides an excellent start to young people’s education in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

– Parent, Glenesk School

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A variety of activities

We are fortunate enough to have our own heated indoor swimming pool, so every child has the opportunity to learn to swim throughout the academic year, from the age of 3. In addition, we focus on building good foundations in a wide variety of sports including athletics, cricket, football, gymnastics, basketball, tennis and touch rugby.

We have specialist teachers for gymnastics, sports and swimming, and we often participate in athletics and sports matches with other local schools.

There is also a wide range of extra-curricular sport available, including multisports, swimming, judo, football and dance. These clubs give children additional opportunities to pursue their interested and develop their sporting skills.

Our sports programme helps students to develop their physical skills

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