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Cognita Family

Opening the door to a global learning community

Glenesk School is proud to be part of Cognita, a diverse global community of over 100 schools that share one common purpose: to enable students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Cognita schools achieve this by providing an outstanding holistic education that delivers the best academic outcomes for each and every student. A balanced combination of cognitive, social, emotional and physical learning, alongside rich learning opportunities, also helps students to develop agency, adaptability and positive attitudes – skills that are required to thrive in life.

Academic Excellence

Continuously improving the quality of education

Cognita’s evidence-based framework provides clear guidance on what makes an excellent school. Using this as a guide, Cognita’s Education Team works with school leaders to drive continuous improvement in educational practice across all our schools in a way that works best for each school community.

Having access to a global staffroom means that we make the most of our diverse community by sharing best practice, connecting and collaborating across the miles.

And our teachers benefit from formal professional development opportunities such as the Team Fellowship and Senior Leader Enquiry programmes, developed and run in partnership with the world-leading IOE, Faculty of Education and Society at UCL.

Cognita holds a truly unique position among school groups for the sheer diversity of its schools.

Sir Kevan Collins – Cognita Board Member

Culture of care

Prioritising the safety and wellbeing of our students

Our uncompromising culture of care ensures the safety and wellbeing of all children is at the heart of every Cognita school. This includes the security of our learning environments, the emotional wellbeing of our students, the rigorous vetting of our staff, and robust policies, procedures and training in child safeguarding.

Every Cognita school has a regular independent safeguarding review and is monitored and assessed to ensure they go above and beyond what is required by regulators.

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