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Academic Excellence

Empowering students to reach their full potential

As a non-selective school, we are extremely proud of our record of academic excellence. We have the best specialist teachers and exceptional facilities.

With small class sizes, all children receive individualised attention and are given the opportunity to truly fulfil their potential, grow in confidence and unlock their unique strengths and talents.

Glenesk is truly a “one-of-a-kind” place made so special by all of the wonderful staff you have there and the interesting and engaging activities you put on.

 – Parent, Glenesk School

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Helping parents select the best school for their child

One of the key roles as Head of Glenesk is to engage with parents early on in their child’s educational career to help them choose the best future school to suit their child’s character and academic ability. Mrs Sarah Bradley has a wealth of experience in this field and close links with Heads and Registrars of all the top-tier schools in the local area.

She is able to offer parents exceptional advice and support every step of the way and 100% of our children are successful in getting in to the school of their choice.

Preparing students for their next steps

We have a longstanding reputation as one of the best schools for preparing children for entry to the top Prep Schools in the area. Our strong academic record and excellent pastoral care gives our pupils a noticeable edge as they move forwards on their school journey. Our Year 2 children have the unique opportunity to become leaders at age 7 through holding positions of responsibility and being role models for the younger children which gives them a distinctive confidence.

Many of our leavers have won academic and sporting scholarships and over the last 4 years our leavers have gained places at some of the best destination schools.

Destination Schools at Year 3

Glenesk Pre-Preparatory School