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Part of the Cognita Global Family

By being part of the Cognita family, we open the door to a global community of over 100 schools that’s rich in knowledge, opportunities, and best practices, ensuring every child gets an education that’s, quite literally, world class.  
We are proud to be part of this community and actively help to shape it. Each school within the Cognita family preserves its distinct character and remains deeply rooted in its local community. Crucially, these diverse experiences across the world foster inspiration, shared support, and growth opportunities for every school within our group.
Our students and teachers are more than just learners and educators; they are active global citizens. Together, they are exposed to a variety of perspectives from diverse cultures, sharing and gaining insights that transcend traditional classroom boundaries. This dynamic exchange fosters a learning space where young minds, guided by their teachers, are encouraged to express their unique ideas and talents, while instilling the value of respect and embracing the spirit of collaboration.
It’s an individual approach that empowers our school, every teacher, and each student to discover what they truly do best. And thrive.


41-42 Eastcastle Street,

Phone: +44 (0)20 7636 8444

Chief Executive Officer, Europe: Michael Drake

Director of Education: Nicola Lambros

Chair of Governors: James Carroll

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