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Wellbeing & Support

We provide students with the emotional support they need to thrive

The wellbeing and support of our students are paramount. We believe that a nurturing and inclusive environment is essential for their overall development and happiness.

Our dedicated staff members work tirelessly to create a positive and caring atmosphere, where every child feels valued and supported.

The school has looked after us so incredibly well from the moment we stepped foot in the door. Teachers have gone above and beyond to help our child maximise his potential and find his happy place.

– Parent, Glenesk School

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Committed to the welfare and safety of our students

Safeguarding is of paramount importance, and the wellbeing of every student is our top priority.

We have implemented a comprehensive framework of policies, procedures, and practices ensuring a safe and secure environment for all members of our school community.

Supporting every child

Glenesk supports children with learning difficulties through a dedicated Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator who provides extra support individually or in small groups.

The SENCO collaborates with teachers to plan, monitor, and review special needs provision, ensuring differentiated learning for each student. The school also caters to able and gifted children, providing challenging and stimulating experiences tailored to their individual needs.

Glenesk Pre-Preparatory School